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Are you throwing money out the window on heating or cooling costs? Is outside noise keeping you from relaxing or sleeping properly? The easiest and most obvious energy-busters are replacement windows and doors. According to a recent Associated Press article, replacement windows and doors are the stars among energy-savers. Factors that relate to energy efficiency, like U-Values, Low-E (low emissivity) coatings, argon gas-filled and weather stripping save money in all climates. Most quality windows today feature glass with all the above properties, which help protect investments in home furnishings, carpets, rugs and family heirlooms, and save money on heating and cooling costs. If you decide it is time to invest in new windows and doors, look for ways to help finance the costs. Many utility companies offer energy rebates. Think long-term about your investment in new windows and doors. You want a quality product that will last and provide years of enjoyment and performance. The lowest price may not be the best choice. Look for a product that will perform up to your expectations and add value to your home, your life, and ultimately to your bank account. John Anderson Service Company  installs quality Vista Windows and Doors to help you save money, keep you comfortable and provide many years of savings and convenience. Visit the Vista web site at                                                        for details on the extensive line of window and door products available for your home. Don't have the cash but want to start saving right away? Financing is available through GE Money. Call 706-629-0749 today to discuss your replacement windows and doors or to set up an appointment. Working under State HVAC License Number CN003636, we comply with Federal, State and Local regulations, carry insurance up to 1 million dollars, and we provide service 24/7, 365 days per year
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